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Bohners Lake Preservation


The Bohners  Lake Sanitary District was created on August 13, 1990 to operate and maintain a sewage wastewater collection system serving properties adjacent to and surrounding Bohners Lake. Since its inception, the District has been committed to managing the structurally and economically sound preservation of the lake. To help manage lake projects, the Bohners Lake Management Committee (a subcommittee of the District) was formed on November 10, 1998. This committee has been instrumental in providing support with several lake management projects. Most important was the ongoing control of the weed growth through annual weed harvesting and chemical treatment of noxious weeds.

Both projects are managed in cooperation with the Wisconsin DNR. The sanitary district made the decision to bring the management of lake projects back to the district commissioners as of September 28, 2023. The district commissioners will continue the commitment to lake preservation and will continue to manage any lake water quality projects to keep Bohners Lake safe and clean for our community.  From time to time, the commissioners may rely on volunteers to assist with bringing lake projects to fruition.

Boating on Bohners Lake


Have a safe and fun boating season! Make sure your guests and family members know the laws on the lake. Click here for Local Ordinances for Bohners Lake.

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