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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I pay my bill?

You can mail your check to: 

Bohners Lake Sanitary District Commission 

c/o MPC Property Management

120 E Chestnut St.

Burlington, WI 53105

How does the Bohners Lake Sanitary District

calculate my sanitary fees?

The Bohners Lake Sanitary District charges a flat fee per

connection. Billing is generated on a quarterly basis

in the amount of $120 per quarter.


What if my home is closed up for the winter months, am I still responsible for the monthly fee?

Yes. Because our billing is based on a monthly fee and not a usage/meter-based fee, you are charged the same amount each month regardless of usage.

Who if I have questions about my bill?


Bohners Lake Sanitary District Commission 

c/o MPC Property Management

120 E Chestnut St.

Burlington, WI 53105


Phone: 262-661-4284



All payments should be payable to Bohners Lake Sanitary District

In person payments will no longer be accepted at the Burlington Town Hall.

In person payments may be mailed to MPC or by using the drop box at the address above.

What is the process for new home construction hook-up?

For new home construction property owners need to obtain a permit to connect to the sanitary sewer system. A permit application can be downloaded here. The permit application requires submittal of a connection plan, site plan, or property survey showing the proposed home, existing sewer location, and proposed sanitary lateral location. Completed connection permit applications and connection fees are submitted to the District’s Engineers Office: Baxter & Woodman, Inc., 256 S. Pine St., Burlington, WI 53105, 262-763-7834. After approval of the connection permit the approved form is submitted to the Town Building Inspector. Please notify the engineer's office for a connection inspection 48 hours prior to excavation. Note, no permit will be issued to connect garage floor drains to the sanitary sewer system.

Are there any hook-up fees associated with new construction?

Yes, a connection fee is required prior to issuance of a connection permit. The current connection fee is $4,382. The fee is utilized to offset District wastewater collection system construction costs and City of Burlington wastewater treatment plant capacity costs. Quarterly use charge fees are also collected by the District for ongoing operations and maintenance. Contact the Diggers Hotline before you start your project: or dial 811.


If I make a new connection or repair an existing connection at the end of my lateral to the district main, do I need to have it inspected by anyone other than my plumber?

Yes, any connection made to the district mains need to be inspected by Baxter and Woodman Engineering at 262-763-7834 before the connection is backfilled.


Who is responsible for the repair of residential grinder pumps?

The homeowner is responsible for any grinder pump repair.

Can I discharge unwanted materials into the sewer?

No, it is illegal to discharge any materials into sewers other than the sewer and water that is hooked up through the connection of your residence or business. Opening any manhole and discharging any materials into sewers — including sewers located on homeowner property — is also illegal.

Who should I contact if I think someone is illegally discharging into the sewer system?

Call the Racine County non-emergency number at 262-886-2300 and they will notify us.


If a sewer problem arises, what is the homeowner’s responsibility versus the Sanitary District?

The homeowner is responsible for the area from their residence to road. The Sanitary District is responsible for the sewer mains in the road.

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