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Monthly Agenda

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BLSD Scheduled Meetings

All meetings are at 5:00 PM at the Burlington Town Hall,

32288 Bushnell Road

Meetings are virtual until further notice


2023 Meeting Dates

May 25

June 22

July 27

August 24

September 28

October 26

November 16

December 21


   Connection Permit

Approved Chemical Application Permit 2021

   Click here to view

Weed pickup will

resume in June 2023

ASDA will pick up self-harvested weeds streetside on the last Tuesday of June, July and August of 2023. 


Browns Lake Sanitary District

will pick up weeds FROM THE ENDS OF PIERS provided water depth is over 2'. 

Pickup days are

June 6-9, July 11-14,

and August 8-11

See Details in the

Bohners Lake Beat Newsletter

Sewer Ordinance

   Repeal and Create Code

   Sewer Use 2022


Disposable wipes have become a household staple.

Increased wipe usage is causing expensive problems for sanitary sewer systems. Read more here

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