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Bohners Lake Sanitary District

Providing all customers of the Bohners Lake Sanitary District

with cost-effective, prompt, high quality wastewater services

The Bohner’s Lake Sanitary District   

The Bohners Lake Sanitary District (BLSD) was formed in 1990 to provide for the collection of sewage from residences within the district boundaries, and transport waste to the City of Burlington Wastewater Treatment Facility for treatment. The installation of this system was designed to eliminate failing septic systems that potentially were entering Bohners Lake and contributing to the poor lake water quality, which had been experienced for many years.


The collection system consists of gravity collection systems carrying the sewage to low points and lift stations around the lake where the sewage is pumped through a pressure force main to either gravity trunk lines or another pumping facility and eventually to the City of Burlington Wastewater Treatment Facility.


The entire BLSD system consists of about 18 miles of gravity and force mains, 10 lift stations and a network of other system components that allow us to monitor and maintain the system. Each lift station is equipped with radio controlled data collection equipment that enables the BLSD to monitor the efficiency of each lift station. The system also includes an alarm system that notifies the BLSD should there be any issues related to any abnormal functions of the system. Inspections and repairs are on-going as most of the system is almost 20 years old.

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